We are the leading manufacturer of ‘RAHUL’® brand water meter in India. We are a SSI unit. Our water meters are available in 15mm size to 50mm (Domestic Type) conforming to BIS specification IS: 779/1994 (Domestic Type water meter) and 50mm size to 500mm size in magnetic drive (Woltman Type water meter). Above meters are conforming to ISO: 4064 2005 standard as well as approved by MID for CE marking if desired by buyers .Our water meters areMAPapproved by FCRI one of the only recognized laboratory for “life cycle” assessment of products related to water and water technologies wherein very few manufacturers have passed the quality standards followed by FCRI for life span and product accuracy.

1. ISO  4064  Product approval Our products confirm to the requirements of ISO4064 an international standard organization.
2. ISI   MARKED   & APPROVED     forIS:779-94 amended The   best   localized   standard   organization   aGovernment of India undertaking
3. MAP          F.C.R.I. approved till 2016 upto This is the most important certification to enable the buyer to asses the functioning of water meterover the entire life cycle of the product , the certifying agency is an approved laboratory of BIS and happens to be a GOI undertaking research institute i.e. “FLUID CONTROL RESEARCH INSTITUTE” PAllakad Kerela We strongly suggest to incorporate the MAP of at least one size in domestic range for observing the product  quality  assurance  from  a  non  biased third party agency duly recognized for its testing capabilities in the field of water technologies .
4. CE marked following MID directives of EU Our products are approved by the “Measuring Instrument Directives” MID for use of CE mark usually CE is used for selling products to EUROPEAN UNION while complying to EU standards .
5. VENDOR Approved          forRUIDP / BUIDCO(ADB/WB/Central Govt.) Funded/Loaned projects  We are approved Vendor for RUIDP/BUIDCO including  many  leading  municipalities ,  Public health departments , Jal Nigams and boards etc. and have till date supplied almost 100,000 nos. of water  meters  apart  from  regular  market  and sales to private organizations for various WSP under RUIDP initiative.
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We are also manufacturing Orifice Flow EqualizerTM for the tremendous saving of water pressure in service line and the equal distribution of pressure to the water consumers. Our firm is an ISO: 9001:2008 certified concern.

We have supplied more than one million water meters to our Govt. and other Corporate Clients in past few years.

The firm was established in the year 1964 along with an OEM supplier & in time-bound collaboration with a Czechoslovakian co. “Prema” later our firm established its own product range and design with the help of its own R&D department . We also have extensive work experience of 10 years to work with a French water metering co.

The firm is operational in the following fields for its manufacturing:

  1. In house non ferrous foundry with capacity for casting 1000 pcs. of 15mm size brass castings per day .
  2. Machining facility with capstan and tiger lathes .
  3. In house testing facility with capacity to test 1300 water meters of 15mm size per day.
  4. In house testing facility for bulk water meters and the different sizes of domestic range .
  5. Plastic injection molding machines (both semi automatic and automatic )
  6. We have ultrasonic welding machine for plastic parts.
  7. Pin engraving machines for numbering our product .
  8. Shot blasting equipment for body finish
  9. Core shooters for making shells and cores for casting
  10. Paint shop for paint finishing according to client requirements.
We hereby are desirous to extend our capabilities to your esteemed organization and request your kind offices to please recognize and approve us as Vendors for all your metering needs in ongoing and future water supply projects or sales .
We are hereby presenting our products as follows.